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Site specific with wall drawing and paintings


Documentation, Performance still from film

Two jars of paint, one yellow, one blue, rest upon the studio floor. Above them, dark semi-circles frame a series of organic shapes and lines. These organic marks, painted directly on the wall remains constant, a fixed backdrop, to the action performed in front of it. The movement of the figure is too swift for the lenses to capture fully. As the sequence progresses, so does the ray of sunshine along the studio floor. A bright white light, segmented by the bars of an unseen window, marks the passing of time. 


In this work, I was considering light marks and space as material within the artistic process itself.  Using the light in my studio as a point of reference that becomes central to the composition of the images. The body movement and gestures, along with the various props present in the scene, activate the light but also interrupts its projection. The final sequence becomes a reflection of a suspended moment in both time and space. 


Anik Glaude, Curator, The Varley Art Gallery of Markham