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Nava Waxman: Choreographed Marks

Curated By Anik Glaude, The Varley Art Gallery of Markham

Choreographed Marks presents a series of performances for the camera, recorded between 2014-2017. These works represent themes of movement and temporalities, inscriptions of bodily and painted gestures, rituals and notions of in-betweenness

These lens-based works are informed by my performative research that emphasizes process and documentation, to explore the potential of employing conceptual choreographic methods within visual arts processes of making, to explore the performative aspect of painting, and its relation to movement. Each work in the exhibition demonstrates how the camera has been used to light the performative elements of mark-making. The uses of sequencing, repetition, and the arrangement of images and marks are both a presentation strategy and a way to develop a visual and gestural vocabulary.


This project is part of right here\right now, an initiative to help foster the work of contemporary artists in the York Region. Special thank you and gratitude to Suzy Lake for her mentorship. Choreographed Marks is Generously supported by the Ontario Art Council. Continue reading