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A Theatrical Place for the Unearthed, 2016-2019

Commissioned for Choreographed Marks, curated by Anik Glaude



The moving-image work is 30min long, loop. 

Site specific work with wall painting and assorted objects.


This work emphasizes the perception of time, gestures, and ideas of movement. The moving-image work is composed of performance still images, which transition from one to another. 

The piece explores how we imagine the unknown and the predictable.

The order of the images, and the narrative they generate, is based on elements of chance and the artist’s attempt to portray transcendental moments. The video’s movement is unnoticeable at first, and the long duration of each slide creates suspended moments. However, through each period of transition, the images and the moments they represent slowly collide, creating new meaning.

A Theatrical Place for the Unearthed, 2016,  Moving image, 30min, loop