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Rays and Hours -  polyphonies is a photographic installation, Commissioned by Walnut Contemporary, curated by Raquel Vilhena for Contact Photography Festival, Toronto, 2016.   The work comprises 12 performance-based still photographs printed on film paper, graphite drawings, light blue decoupage, framed in backlit metal boxes.  12 x 11"x9"x3"


This work explores the polarities of immobility and movement, Simultaneity of light, and the correspondence between forms, color, and gestures that are free from the confines of figurative representation. Drawing on the notion of inner necessity, a concept theorized by the Russian painter and theorist, Wassily Kandinsky, this work responds to motifs of color and form, and particularly to Kandinsky’s Green Sound, a Stage Composition from 1909.   The second part of the title, Green Polyphonies, alludes to the polyphonic musical structure to suggest the simultaneous presentation of information, and the reverberation of time and space in visual dimension.   The work is generously supported by the Canada Art Council 

Study, Green Polyphonies, 2014

Gouache, ink and watercolour on paper, 8 x 7"x9" 

Polyphony, Encaustic on canvas, 60"x65"