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Choreographed Marks

The Varley Art Gallery of Markham

May 4 - September 2, 2019

Curated By Anik Glaude

Choreographed Marks presents a body of lens-based works constructed from the documentation of experimental performances for the camera. These works explore the relationship between painting and dance, mediated through the digital camera, to investigate subjectivity, identity, and the embodied materiality of gestures. They question the boundaries between the physical and virtual, the corporeal and the digital, and the performative aspects of mark-making. Within these contrasting forces, the artist explores the possibilities of mark-making in relation to cultural contexts and identity.

Painting and photography are not seen as mere means of producing artwork, but rather as extensions of the body and inscriptive mediating apparatuses capable of capturing movement, traces, affect, and transitory gestures through light, time, and space - an image emerges in the liminal space between the seer and the seen, in a fluid and dynamic relationship. This project is part of Right Here\Right Now, an initiative fostering the work of contemporary artists in the York Region. Special thanks and gratitude to Suzy Lake for her mentorship. Choreographed Marks is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council. Read More.

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