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Frame-flux (2017-2018)

An Intermedial performance project; dance, choreographic objects, painting, and photographic interventions.

Frame-Flux deals with questions of "framing" across artistic media, identity, and the frames imposed by political and cultural representation. William Blake once said, “In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors.”

The notion of "frame" encompasses various interpretations, ranging from the physical structure surrounding a painting or door to the underlying structure of systems or concepts. It extends to the architectural structures that shape our view, both literally and metaphorically, influencing our perception of the inside/outside world. In the current digital culture, technology and media play a pivotal and often destructive and violent role in framing our experiences of an image, event, and bodies. Could painting be liberated from its confined space of the frame? Could it be dematerialized as a form of assembly? Could we exist in the space in-between the frames and remain whole?

The history of the “frame”, as suggested by Elizabeth Grosz, is the evolution of an increasing dematerialization, “a territory-wall-painting-window-mirror-screen-becoming”. Frame-Flux explores the resistance and transformation inherent in the act of de-framing, while contemplating the transitional passage from the physical frame to the screen, a journey marked by dematerialization and reimagining shifting boundaries between inside and outside, presence and absence.

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