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Nuit Blanche Toronto 


Variations on Broken Lines ||

Curated by Dr. Julie Nagam, @nuitblancheTO's curatorial theme, "The Space Between Us," invites artists to transform the city by telling stories about their connection to the place and by building bridges between cultures, communities, and the environment. This year's Nuit Blanche fosters artistic experiences through the lens of global Black, indigenous, and POC communities while amplifying Toronto's local voices in the transnational dialogue of art.

Variations on Broken Lines is a site-specific performative installation that explores notions of the liminal in our current digital culture. The installation is located at the North York Civic Center. A constellation of video performances, moving-image, and documentation archives are projected simultaneously onto different surfaces throughout space. This installation takes the form of an event that offers generative and transformative experiences in which the audience participates in a ritual of becoming, thereby adding new layers and meanings to the work. The felt experience may call into question the space between the virtual and real, corporeal and technological, and the consideration of diaspora as an ongoing dwelling beyond borders, time, and space.

Photographs: Stan Williams

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