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Polyphonies (2016)

Polyphonies (2016) is an intermedia work that encompasses performance, photography, moving image, drawing, and installation. It emerges from an exploration of embodied experience of light and time, and the interplay between movement and stillness. These elements manifest as light and time, fluctuating in polyphonic and contrapuntal ways. The performance spans from sunrise to sunset on the longest day of the year, drawing attention to the significance of the daylight cycle, which has somewhat receded into the background of our simultaneous existence. The repetitive gestures, accompanied by the progressive marking of sun rays traversing the wall, mirror the cyclical nature through which we traditionally perceive and map time.

Photographic Installation: Twelve Polyphonies, exhibited at CONTACT Photography Festivals in 2016, hosted by Walnut Contemporary and curated by Raquel Vilhena. This installation combines performance still photographs, film paper, graphite, backlit metal boxes, and light sensors

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