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Shared View

Installation: Three-channel video projection, wooden sculptures, a wall drawing, objects, a rug, photographic archive, sound, and mirrored sculptures that exist both in physical and virtual spaces through an augmented-reality environment. 30 minutes, loop.

Commissioned by Artworx Toronto in 2022, curated by Claudia Arana as part of Terra Firma HOME(LAND) Feb 16th - May 28th, 2022. ArtworxTO Hub WEST | Cloverdale Common Toronto.

Shared View is an embodied autobiographical world-making that explores intersectional considerations of home, belonging, place, notions of liminality, memories, and experiences of diasporic narratives in cultural and family history.

Conceived through ongoing autoethnographic research across geographical, digital, and imaginary borders, Shared View explores performative ritualistic gestures of return, and reflects diasporic subjectivity as a site of liminality, and a topography of belonging that intertwines personal and collective journeys of exile.

The projection from a screendance film essay re-choreographs documentary and archival materials, performance recordings, photographs, artifacts, photo albums, and various re-inscriptions of images and ephemera. The performative installation transforms the self-reflective language of movement into a third space where narratives of belonging, identity, and culture converge, reimagining home as a site in continuous flux, and in which diasporic memory spaces are interwoven by means of a poetics of assembly. This research creation project draws on research supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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