Re-visits: Open Work 



Re-visits is an on-going performative research project that addresses the emergence of the body as an archival site through which the very essence of gesture passes.

This project is engaged with interventions, objects, camera sound, and textile as choreographic devices. 


Drawing upon the concept of Open Work, Re-visits questions the idea of an artwork that is not identified as a fixed artifact; an open-ended work that is in a constant stage of becoming, a subjectֿ\feeling\idea under investigation, a polyphonic dialogue with repetitions reiteration.  The materials are subjected to various modulations and representations, with the conscious awareness that it might problematize the notion of identity of the artwork itself.


Nava Waxman, Maria Kravchenko, Cinzia Cavalieri & Mahsa Alikhan, Sebastian Ureamuno & Jacob Wolos

York University, 2018-2020

* Rubidge, Sarah (2000). Identity in Flux: A Theoretical and Choreographic Enquiry into the Identity of The Open Dance Work.