Polyphony, 2018

Sheldon Rose Gallery, Toronto

Polyphony draws on the notion of simultaneity and various temporalities, which is informed of my curiosity and interest to conceptually portray and develop visual rhythm and simultaneity through the integration of performative action, photography, drawing interventions, and objects.   This selected body of works created between 2013 -2017.   Polyphony means "many voices."  In music, polyphony refers to a musical structure, in which two or more tunes played simultaneously, a style of musical composition employing two or more simultaneous but relatively independent melodic lines.The Polyphonic theory, introduced by Paul Klee in 1921,  and his practice of representing music in a pictorial form of art, became a significant influence on my artistic practice, and particularly in this body of work. The perception of simultaneity requires memory and time to reflect, whether it manifested in sight or sound, polyphony perceived through memory simultaneity with the present event.