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February 15th - 17th 2023

Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre


Engaging elements from cueca (Chile’s national dance) and Kathak (A south asian classical dance form), the intercultural piece explores the possibility of code-switching between two movement languages to create smothering unrestrained by the boundaries of each. Bringing cueca and kathak into thoughtful and joyful conversation, thirteen dancers come together as a community in which these two forms exist as gossip and rumour, or ‘copucha’ and gum ‘shup’, that oscillate between polyphonic and cacophony ways.

Choreographers: Arita Bajpeyi and Sebastian Ureamuno

Featuring York Dance Ensemble: Gabriela June Braithwaite, Natalie Cooper, Christiano DiDomenico, Nicole Faithful, Mackenzie Grantham, Kerry Halpin, Zoë Rose Harrington, Jealyn Jones, Travis Keith, Victoria Kuronen, Eve Law, Zuri Skeete, Natalie Yeung.

Dramaturg: Jennifer Dick

Music composed and performed by Leo Orlov

Visuals, movement recording and projection: Nava Messas Waxman

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