Green Polyphonies


Looking forward to showing my new installation "Green Polyphonies" in the "Space Within" group exhibition at Walnut Contemporary for CONTACT Photography 
Opening reception April 29, 5-7pm
Thank you Ontario Art Council for your support!

Photography by Ian Perch.


Through the juxtaposition of painting, drawing, performance and other material experimentation, Toronto based artist Nava Waxman transformed the body into choreographed, abstract composition that is captured through the lens.


Waxman produced a series of twelve performed photographs that become the base ground for her backlit multimedia installation. These performance photographs have been taking by the artist in her studio, where she performed solely for the camera, in the aim to use these photographs to construct a multi media repetition by incorporating light, painting and drawing.


Staging her studio space with large ephemeral wall paintings, objects and random elements (such as sunlight) traveling through the window onto the wall, her subject re-formed her body gesture to create a series photographs that the resemble the look of contact sheet of a theatre play. The space is recurring identically in each photograph, while the body gestures evolve and transform, creating a sense of rhythm. 

The last stage of the work Waxman used was her first expression tool - drawing. Each photograph has been treated with graphite drawing of botanical and personified elements.  This installation emphasizes an imaginary relation between the polyphonic musical structures and how it synthesizes into a visual form by incorporating painting, drawing, performance and photography. The sequential setting suggests narratively and visual rhythm through the repetition of a shape that changes and evolves, generating a sense of harmonious pattern.

Green Polyphonies offer a perverse perspective on performance art documentation, by situating itself as both performance documentation and as a series of moving portraits,

This work plays a constitutive role, not merely a documentary one, when performance is staged expressly for the camera and the images that result are recordings of an event and also autonomous works of art. This occurs by repeating, not just compositional elements, but also specific relationships between contemporary performances in relation to tradition forms of art.






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