Getaways To Drawing


I’m very happy to announce that my work “Elements Of Chance” (2016) is included in a new book “Getaways To Drawing” By Stephen CP Gardner 

Gateways to Drawing is a comprehensive textbook, accompanied by learning ancillaries, which will serve as an introduction and guide to the art of drawing, to be used by professor and students in the field. With a modular design and comprehensive topical coverage, this text allows you to design exactly the course you wish to teach. From basic setup and choice of materials to self-critique and evaluation of drawings, this adaptable guide covers the full drawing sequence. An optional, free sketchbook makes this book an unmatched value for students.

Here is a quote about the work in the book “Nava Waxman does not limit herself to drawing on paper nor does she limit herself to drawing on only one surface at all time. Her spontaneous non-objective works are an example of how the surface on which we draw need not be restricted by tradition”.



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