The Face Of The Sea, 2016  Intervention

Movement: Jay Ginsherman and Yan Anchu

Elements of Chance (2017)

Nava Waxman, Jaanika Peerna, Ram Samocha, Agneiszka Karasch & Vera Martins

 Draw To Perform Symposium, Curated By Ram Samocha,Crow Nest Gallery, London UK, (2016)

Repetition Five - Between Intimacy and Architecture Artscape YoungPlace, Toronto, 2015

Nava Waxman & Lo Bill


(The Question) and (The Answer), 2014 By Local A   Jenny Berntsson & Felice Hapetzeder      Local A

PRACTICE / PRATIQUE  February 8, 2020.   The 14th Annual Concordia University Art History Graduate Student's Association (AHGSA) Graduate Symposium, Montreal.  AHGSA Concordia University

The Graduate Visual Culture Association of Queen’s University Context and Meaning XIX: Hindsight 20/20

Blue Gestures - Intervention, Gale Gallery, York University, July 2019

Nava Waxmam, Sebastian Oreamuno, Diana Yoo, Hrysovalantou Fereniki, Ruth Del Fresno-Guillem

Nava Waxman: Choreographed Marks

The Varley Art Gallery of Markham, Curated By Anik Glaude,

Knowing River - Body Notes, 2018

Nava Waxman, Ronley Teper, Lo Bill,  Music: David Jager & Ronley Teper & Tim Posgate

Sheldon Rose Gallery, Toronto

The Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence presents a special online program for Luminato Festival Toronto: Virtual 2020. Original art, music, poetry, and activations. Hear from this year’s cohort speaking to What Art Has To Offer Immigration. 

Circle the Water, 2018 Special Project Gallery, York University

Movement - Zahra Kahn

Exploration of movement and mark-making, summer workshop at the Varley Art Gallery of Markham, 2019

Mobius - Intervention

Drawing Symposium, OCAD University, 2015, Curated by Ram Samocha

Traces: Poems to Paintings with poems by James Wagner and paintings by Nava Waxman