Passageways is an ongoing body of work that consists of a photographic sequence, video performance, projection, and objects that explore notions of sacredness and profanity as two modes of being.  Drawing upon the concept of Hierophany - a term coined by the German philosopher Mircea Eliade, (1957), described as an act of manifestation of the sacred in the natural world, places, and objects. In general terms, hierophany refers to any manifestation of sacredness in whatever objects throughout history. 


Whether the sacred appears in a rock, architectural elements, nature, or object, a hierophany denotes the same act: A reality of an entirely different order than those of this world becomes manifest in an object that is part of the natural or profane sphere.  Passageways express an attempt to consider sacredness as dialectical into the context of body, time, and space in between as a dynamic place where things overlap, and where boundaries are blurred. The video performance takes on notions of liminal passage, emphasizing elusive disjuncture and polarity between movement, geometric forms, and gesture. The digital inversion and the interplay with dimensional transitions from vertical to horizontal are intended to posture negative space and generate liminal insight simultaneously.