“Personifications” Solo Exhibition at Julie M Gallery - Toronto.  This series of sequential work combine movement and stillness, using  collage printmaking and drawing.  Creating vital environments as the archetype and than superimposed drawing of personified objects in repetition onto the archetype. This creates new concept of polarity  between free flowing expression and central balance, and where the elements of movement and stillness coincide.  These sequential work evolved from the desire to draw with greater freedom, to embrace immediacy with lines and forms as well as  influenced by the allegories of the Baroque period that were often composed of personified figures and symbols. The Human figure depicted with symbolic attributes, that represents an abstract idea. Personified figures are often named after the concept that they represent.  These drawn forms represent a range of intangible ideas and phenomena.  The repetitive  style allow the object to move and transform endlessly, creating a potentiated environment like a tapestry that amplifies the meaning of the pieces.  Although each drawing has its own interpretation, each was influenced by the same subject. Despite their pattern-like regularity, the individual images dissolve into a simple piece of the whole.