Rituals evolved from subjective imagery and from the act of drawing a single form or object in multiple repetitions. Although the body is understood both physically and metaphorically as a concrete unit ,it is subject to our perceptions and interpretations of it. Waxman’s repetitive ritual of drawing brings to the surface of her consciousness the many combinations of associations that she have with the body and memory. The “ritual” of drawing in repetition is Waxman’s main tool for developing a conceptual language. With each movement of the hand in a given series the artist expands on a single idea in the form of a line, shape or brushstroke, until it is no longer one idea but the many possibilities present in that idea. The body for her is an expansion, flourishing, in movement, touching what lies beyond through its infinite possibilities. These rituals, represented in lines and brushstrokes, do not refer to another reality except themselves. The meanings of each of these pieces appear in their complexity and their subtlety through elements of nature, botanic and abstraction.Throughout her works Waxman uses the pictorial vocabularies of black and monochromatic tones, circular shapes, human curves, lines that remind of life and creation through their references to planets and the cosmos, birth, and the round belly of pregnant mother. The artists lines create boundaries as well as the awareness that our movements are led and interconnected.  (Natalie Rathwell)