Untitled Wall, 2013-2017


Documentation archive.


“Untitled Wall”  is a performative research project that took place between 2013 and 2017. A series of experimental performances that investigate the shifting boundaries of media, the body, identity, time, space, and the digital camera.

Coming from a painting background, I was interested in investigating methodology that would incorporate movement, and performativity as they manifest themselves in materials and time-based media. I investigated how the camera mediated and recorded phenomenological experiences of embodied listening, movements that emerged at the threshold of action and image and were captured in keyframed still photographs using a digital camera. This performative research produced extensive documentation materials, which were saved on a computer hard drive. My body has become a site for documental activity, oscillating between embodied experience and its fragmented residual digital inscription. Digitizing and recording have gradually evolved into a performative approach and an artistic medium in which I am thoroughly engaged with.