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The body of the project is expressed through 3 interrelated artistic components:


An archived collection of moving-image works and performative videos created between 2015 and 2021 (link), titled 'Variations on Broken Lines'. The collection includes both moving images for the screen and projections. 


Multimedia installation Variations on Broken Lines. The installation acts as a performative event where in each iteration, the materials are reconstructed as site-specific and integrate live performance with a variation of the moving-image work projected onto space and sculptures. Therefore, the materials of the project remain and exist in a state of flux. The installation was presented at Gales Gallery 2020 (link), Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto 2022 (link), and LaMashu Artspace 2023 (link).


Thesis Dissertation, published by York University, September 2020 (link).


Variations on Broken Lines is a research creation project that explores notions of liminality as manifested within lived experience, rituals, identity, and artistic practice. By extending the notion of performative liminality as an artistic method, the project dwells upon the significance of liminal experiences and a state of in-betweenness that exists between and across borders, material forms, and bodies. Ultimately, it seeks to explore how liminal performative modes that are productive and transformative can contribute to alternative cultural production and thus can be utilized as a space of emergence and becoming.

My affinity with notions of Liminality, cultivated by both lived experience and artistic practice, and my interest in the productive potential of liminality and in-betweenness, has grown over several years of studying and researching artistic forms between dance and and visual art production. I have found that liminality, though it may go by many names, always dynamically presents alternative ways of being and making. All are drawing from the forces of liminality to compel reorientation and transformation. By breaking the line of fixed perception of the world, it can destabilize socially constructed narratives rooted in identity politics and notions of difference.

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