Transitional Object, 2018

Text by Anik Glude

"Transitional Object is comprised of two elements, a large piece of wood leaning against the gallery wall and a video, which is viewed through a circular hole cut into the wood’s core. Waxman has transformed a found object, an old door, into a surface for temporary painting and a backdrop for her studio performances. Like a palimpsest that archives gestures, traces of painted forms, shapes and marks are visible upon and beneath the door’s textured surface, even extending beyond the object onto the wall. The video depicts recomposed still images from a performance along with the hole through which we observe the video. Various markings are also visible, as is the artist’s ghostly presence.  The term “transitional object” refers to items that provide psychological comfort, especially to children, such as blankets, or soft toys. Generally, these objects can be seen as a replacement for something that is missing, or when a child moves from one stage of development to the next. Because the term is closely linked to the formation of individual identity, the self, a transitional object may also be seen to represent an early creative act. Waxman references these concepts here. On the one hand, both the door and the paint that covers it are material, inanimate, immobile. Yet the door, a recurring motif in Waxman’s work, brings mark making into a spatial reality, conveying ideas of transformation and transition."