Gales Gallery - York University, Sept 21st - Oct 2nd




Variations On Broken Lines at Gales Gallery is a multimedia installation consisting of video work, moving-images sculpture, projection, sound, painting, and objects. A constellation of rectangle wooden panels and mirrors are leaning on the gallery wall and act as a backdrop for projection. The Video and moving image work are projected through a holographic paper, hanging from the ceiling at the center of the gallery. The projection appears and penetrates simultaneously through the holographic paper, mirrors, and the wooden backdrops. The holographic surface renderers fragments of projection that briefly travels and dissolves on the gallery walls. On the other corner of the gallery is a moving image sculpture titled Möbius, seen through a monitor and reflected in a mirror.  The video projection consists of 14 connected variations of dance vignettes. Each Vignette is simultaneously projected on multiple surfaces, communicating and rendering forms and light on objects and the walls of the gallery.




I would like to gratefully acknowledge all the collaborators who graciously and genuinely shared their insight, movement and inspiration in our many collaborative experiments conducted throughout this research at York University. I especially would like to thank Cinzia Cavalieri, Sebastian Ureamuno, Mahsa Alikhani, Maria Kravchenko, Hrysovalantou Fereniki & Diana Yoo - the fruitful exchanges shared were beyond inspiring, and the influences of each of them are inscribed across this project.