Nava Waxman


Born: Israel, 1974




2018 - MFA Candidate, Visual Art, York University, Toronto, Canada


2007 - Toronto School of Art


1999 - BA  Social Sciences & Communication - OPEN University, Tel-Aviv



2019  Choreographed Marks, The Varley Art Gallery of Markham


2018  Polyphonic, Sheldon Rose Gallery, Toronto

2016  Untitled wall, WallSpace Gallery, Ottawa


2015  Traces - Julie MGallery, Toronto


2014  Rituals - WallSpace Gallery, Ottawa Canada


2013  Personifications - JulieM Gallery, Toronto, Canada Catalogue 2011 Beyond Reason - Wall Space 

         Gallery, Ottawa, Canada


2011  Connections Within Context,  Anong Beam & Nava Waxman - - Earl Court Gallery, Hamilton. 2010  

         Engine Gallery, Toronto


2009  Elephants and Incomparable Freedom, Engine Gallery, Toronto, Canada


2009  Inscriptions, Work on Paper,  Pennello Gallery, Cleveland


2008  Daily Habit, The Blue Dot Gallery, Toronto






2020 Wave, The Varley Art Gallery of Markham 

2019  Between States - Special Project Gallery, York University


2017  Space Within, Walnut Contemporary


2015  Migratory Cyclical JulieM Gallery, Toronto


2014  Women in the Art, St. Stephan Cultural Centre - Rome, Italy


2012  Contemporary Women Artists XVI – Women’s Caucus for Art, St. Louis, USA 2012 Koan – ARTROM 

         Gallery, Rome, Italy


2011  Spiritual Essence - ARTROM Gallery, Rome, Italy


2011  Consequential Fusion: Message In Wax - Art Centre Morro Bay, California, USA 2011 Diary Pieces,

         The Art House, Wakefield, England


2011  Leave Light On - Hovinkartano Art Centre, Hauho,Finland


2007  Insomnia - RedHead Gallery, Toronto, Canada


2007  Discovered - Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Canada


2007  The Legacy of the Circle -McKay Art Centre, Markham Canada




2019 Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship-Master's SSHRC

2018 Ontario Art Council - Exhibition Assistance Grant

2017 Ontario Art Council - Exhibition Assistance Grant

2016 Canada Council for the Arts - Travel Grant Recipient



2018  Knowing River - Body Notes , Sheldon Rose Gallery, Ronley Teper, Lo Bil, Nava Waxman

2017  Three strings - Interventions, Alfred Institute, Tel-Aviv Uri Levinson, Adaya Godlevesky and Shlomit       



2016  Transitions, Adaya Godlevesky - Petach-Tikva Museum of art, Israel


2016  Elements Of Chance - Interventions, Draw To Perform Symposium, CrowsNest Gallery 2016, London

         Ram Samocha, Nava Waxman, Agnieszka Karasch Jaanika Peerna and Vera Martins          


2016 Möbius, Ram Samocha, OCAD University, Toronto.


2016 At your Sonic, For, Tomoki Takeuchi & Paris zhang & Nava Waxman, Toronto


2016 Sonic for String, Adaya Godlevsky, Petach-Tikva Museum of Art, Israel 2015 


Repetition Five, Gallery 151, Brussels, Belgium


2015 “Between Intimacy and Architecture” Artscape Young-place, Toronto.




2019 Teaching Assistant, York University, Toronto (Photography)

2019 Teaching Assistant, York University, Toronto (History Of Design)



2020  Context and Meaning XIX: Hindsight 20/20, "From De-materialization to Re-materialization" 

         Queen's University, Kingston ON Canada, ​

2020   Practice, AHGSA, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada 





Waymark: MFA Visual Art Digital Publication, York University, 2020


Gateways to Drawing by Stephen Gardner.  Nava Waxman: Elements Of Chance , 2018 Thames & Hudson


​Traces: Poems to Paintings By James Wagner and Nava Waxman, Ceratonia Siliqua Press, 2015


Black With Sin, Calmly with Virtue, By Seth Apter, North light books, 2011