Nava Waxman is an Israeli born, Canadian multi-disciplinary artist whose works traverse performance, painting, choreography, moving-image, video and installation. Her practice-based research addresses the transitory nature of gestures within the complex artistic, cultural, philosophical, and personal registers. Nava received her MFA in Visual Arts from York University, Toronto, and her BA in Social Science & communication from OPEN University in Tel-Aviv. In 2019, she received the Joseph Armand Bombardier Scholarship Award from the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) for her graduate research at York University. In 2018, she was awarded the Ontario Art Council Exhibition Assistance Grant for her project Choreographed Marks. In 2016, Nava was awarded the Canada Art Council Travel Grant for her collaborative project Elements Of Chance. 

Nava is currently a creative research fellow resident at the Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence in Toronto. 


In my research and creative work, I explore the transitory nature of gestures and their manifolded implications. My approach aims to expand awareness of gestures within the complex of artistic, cultural, philosophical and personal registers. Gesture denotes a kind of inscription, a tracing or marking in space and time. My practice based research considers the body both as a creative agent and an archival site. By that, I seek to acknowledge the body with the role of a carrier, one that is inscribed with unique, complicated histories that can be creatively elucidated through non-verbal performative means. My methods emphasize process, performative gesture and documentation. I use various conceptual, choreographic and performance recording techniques that combine dance, objects, painting, and space that are mediated through various digital apparatuses. Through these materialities and performative strategies, I explore themes of movement, temporalities and embodied experiences. With an attention to the articulation of gestures, I investigate how gestural inscriptions migrate and transition while seeking to study and explore their marginality, (im)materiality and (in)visibility as they cross boundaries of media, bodies, time and space. Poetically and critically, I consider the interrelations between performative action and inscription, while addressing the emergence of the body as an archival site through which the very essence of gesture passes.






2020 - MFA in Visual Arts, York University, Toronto, Canada 


2007 - BA in Social Sciences & Communication, OPEN University, Tel-Aviv, Israel




2020 - Master Thesis Nomination, Graduate program, York University Visual Arts & Art History

2019 The Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship-Master's SSHRC


​2019 - CIBC Graduate Research Grant  - nomination 


2018 Ontario Art Council - Exhibition Assistance Grant

2017 Ontario Art Council - Exhibition Assistance Grant

2016 Canada Council for the Arts - Travel Grant Recipient



Selected Solo exhibition


2020  Nava Waxman: Variations on Broken Lines, Gales Gallery, York University

2019  Nava Waxman: Choreographed Marks, The Varley Art Gallery of Markham


2018  Nava Waxman: Polyphonies, Sheldon Rose Gallery, Toronto

2016  Nava Waxman: Untitled wall, WallSpace Gallery, Ottawa


2015  Nava Waxman: Traces - JulieM Gallery, Toronto


2014  Nava Waxman: In between Rituals - WallSpace Gallery, Ottawa Canada


2013  Nava Waxman: Personifications - JulieM Gallery, Toronto, Canada Catalogue




Selected Group 


2018  Knowing River - Body Notes: Ronley Teper, Lo Bil, Nava Waxman, Sheldon Rose Gallery, Toronto


2019 - Open Work, Nava Waxman, Cinzia Cavalieri, Mahsa Alikhani, Sebastian 

           Oreamuno & Lo Bil


2017  Strings - Interventions, Alfred Institute, Tel-Aviv Uri Levinson, Adaya Godlevesky and Shlomit 



2016  Transitions, Nava Waxman & Adaya Godlevsky, Petach-Tikva Museum of art, Israel


2016  Elements Of Chance - Interventions, Draw To Perform Symposium, CrowsNest Gallery 2016, 

          London, curated by Ram Samocha


2017  Space Within, CONTACT Photography Festival, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto


2012  Contemporary Women Artists XVI – Women’s Caucus for Art, St. Louis, USA


2011  Anong Beam & Nava Waxman: Connections Within Context, Earl Court Gallery, Hamilton.


2011  Consequential Fusion: Message In Wax - Art Centre Morro Bay, CA


2011 Diary Pieces,The Art House, Wakefield, England


2010 Light On - Hovinkartano Art Centre for the Arts, Hauho, Finland


2009 Insomnia, Red Head Gallery 


2007  The Legacy of the Circle -McKay Art Centre, Markham Canada




Teaching experience


2020 Artist facilitator, Saagajiwe - The centre for Indigenous Research Creation, in the

         Faculty of Communication and Design,  Ryerson University

​2019 Teaching Assistant, York University, Toronto (Photography)

2019 Teaching Assistant, York University, Toronto (History Of Design)


Artistic Residency 


2020 - ​The laboratory for artistic intelligence, Toronto



Research Presentation


2020  PRACTICE / PRATIQUE  The 14th Annual Concordia University Art History Graduate Student's    

          Association (AHGSA) Graduate Symposium, Montreal.  AHGSA Concordia University

2020  Hindsight 20/20: Context & Meaning XIX  , The Graduate Visual Culture Association 19th 

         annual graduate conference, Queen’s University




Waymark: MFA Visual Art Digital Publication, York University, 2020


Gateways to Drawing by Stephen Gardner.  Nava Waxman:Elements Of Chance, Thames & 

Hudson, 2018


Untitled Wall, Nava Waxman & Nikos Kunt, , 2016


​Traces: Poems to Paintings By James Wagner & Nava Waxman, Ceratonia Siliqua Press, 2015