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Painting awakens and carries to its highest pitch a delirium which is vision itself, for to see is to have at a distance.

-Maurice Merleau-Ponty, *Eye and Mind.

Experimental telematic performances, 2012-2014, In collaboration with Gadi Dagon.

A series of experimental telematic performances utilize the telecommunications application "Skype". These experiments were born out of a radical curiosity about the allure of movement and the desire to explore presence, distance, and space-time through the dual lens of a computer's Skype camera and a digital camera. Despite the poor quality of the photographic materials, which were heavily pixelated, off-screen, and blurred, these telematic performance experiments were constructive in questioning what it means to engage in painting and post-photographic practice. In this context, the digital camera becomes a tool for constructing reality and imaging the invisible—positioned at the intersection between our own eyes and the reticular retina of telecommunication networks.

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