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An exciting event called Draw to Perform has been put together for all students and faculty of OCAD U. It is a two day symposium incorporating drawing with performance on Wednesday February 10th and Thursday February 11th in the Great Hall. Please find attached more details for this fantastic event! Drawing Symposium, Draw to Perform

Participating Artists: Ram Samocha, Nava Massas Waxman, Robert Luzar, Kerryn Graham, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Nicole Collins, Kate Wilson and Cathy Daley

In the spirit of pushing the boundaries of imagination we proudly welcome Draw to Perform, an international symposium for drawing performance. This symposium is a two day event, curated by Ram Samocha in collaboration with James Olley, Lecturer in the Faculty of Art at OCAD U. Samocha is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in the UK and is the founder and curator of Draw to Perform.

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