Variations On Blue Gestures, Interventions

Nava Waxman,Sebastian Oreamuno, Hrysovalnatou Fereniki, Diana Yoo, Ruth Delfresno-Guilem

Gales Gallery, York University,2019

We are intimately aware of our bodies as three-dimensional containers into which we put certain things, and out of which other things emerge. The Jars are Painting device driven by emotional human twiddling gestures and its application as a musical instrument. I'm interested in the relationship between the action and the generated sound produced by the physical structures of the instruments.

With attention to emotional feelings presented in gestures and sound, The Blue Jars are a gesture device that measures sliding and placing forces

The approach is considered to provide not only a new sound generation technique but also a flexible human-object interface. The domestic aspects of the jars come from my childhood. My parents made wine and olives every season, which was a ritualistic event in our home. We spent weeks of picking olives, washing and preparing for olive brine. Connecting the task of painting to the idea of preservation came later on, and I started to conceptually think about the preserved paint in response to the traditional method and the materiality of painting.