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Choreographies of Movement

A worldmaking by Laura, Irem, Nava, Kez, Shannon, Cleo & Luke

Choreographies of Movement is an invitation for multiplicity bound by care, mutual responsibility, and radical practices of community building. It calls for a dismantling of colonial, capitalist, patriarchal, and ableist narratives through movement.Natalie Loveless states that “the crafting of a research question is the crafting of a story that is also the crafting of an ethics” (24-25). Our research question starts with radical curiosity about movement. Movements require constant care and production despite their ephemeral and transitory nature. In our experiments of producing moments, movements, and materials, we center such ethics of care.

The project is a mapping of York campus that opens up an exploratory and expanded sense of attention. Connected by six nodes of interest, the walk draws the viewer to distinct locations that offer medium-specific interventions in how one relates to the site, while also placing importance on the contingent and durational pathway between them. The concept of a walking exhibition offers an alternative to the fixed and stable design of an exhibition space where both the audience and the work itself are bound by walls, hallways, doors, and security guards. This walking exhibition is a somatic experience of movement where the audience, as well as the artists, are provoked to experiment with their ordinary surroundings without such barriers. Through radical curiosity, we became investigators of our surroundings, the ordinary, with space and time as our co-creators. Our embodied and collective movement causes friction in the linear configurations of time. Even though the walk somehow “proceeds” through different experiments, this friction allows past, present and future to materialize simultaneously in the imaginary, and hence, suspends the super-imposition of chrononormativity for the duration of the walk.


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