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Ronley Teper And The Lipliners Release New Track ‘Everyone Loves A Good Story’

A metafictional monologue on writing and the creative process set to a shape-shifting, multi-layered orchestral score — and illustrated by a mesmerizing, mind-bending video game-inspired clip — Everyone Loves A Good Story (which also happens to be the title track from the Lipliners’ upcoming album) is a long way from your typical pop fare. Which only makes sense, since Teper and co. are anything but your standard band. “Everyone Loves A Good Story” is a prime example of this artist-to-artist collaboration. Written and performed by Teper and her band, the track’s music video contains animation from Teper’s partner and animator, Saúl Lederman, and choreography and artwork from fellow Torontonian Nava Waxman.

The single is a haunting, synth-and-string-ridden track with an eerie music-box instrumental. It takes you to a dream-like setting in which Teper’s voice lilts and soars above you, painting a picture of the surreal and mischievous elements she sings of. The track and its accompanying animated short are whimsical and fun, but at its core, the song is a testament to the creative process.


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