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The Motherboard

The 2021 Contemporary Art Design and New Media Art Histories conference is based around the theme of the “Motherboard” as broadly conceived as a methodology, a theoretical framework, and a tangible object that produces the intangible. A motherboard, the rudimentary circuitry of a personal computer, is a technology that many of us unknowingly intimately interact with on a daily basis yet often take for granted. Linguistically, through its name, “motherboard” can be associated with interpersonal relationships, connecting to off/online communities. By taking on the Motherboard as a literal and metaphorical object, space is created for dialogues in art and design histories in the post-internet, post-Covid era.

I’ll be presenting my research presentation titled “Rite of Passage in the Abyss of Contemporary Liminality” tomorrow - panel # 4: Out in the Digital Public Sphere (1:00 pm– 2:30 pm EST)


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